The will to do and actually doing are two different and common things that exist today.There are so many times I set small goals for myself.I would  eat more,exercise often or call my mother every weekend but the truth of the matter is I end up not doing any of those things.I always blame it on something and never accept the blame.

So I have decided to call myself to action.The first thing I did was set little reminders on my phone telling me exactly what I should be doing at what time and just so I don’t press the snooze button,I added what I hoped to achieve by accomplishing that goal.So far so good,am enjoying myself.

I don’t know what your little goals are or what you are struggling to do but what I do know is you can actually do them. If you accept the problem and admit the real reason why you don’t actually go through with them.That to me is the first step in taking action then you proceed to actually getting it done whatever way that works for you;you could even have a loved one checking in on you to make sure you did it.You being held accountable by someone could help.Baby steps till it becomes a habit.


Using myself as a case study,my intention is to be as practical as possible.

Being raised in a Christian home;i knew Christ but as a mighty overlord and that was all.One thing i didn’t know was that my relationship with Christ could be personal.

Imagine my shock, when a close friend told me i should pray to God about a guy i liked because that’s what she had been doing. Wasn’t He the overlord i thought Him to be?

It was then i realised my limitation in my relationship with Christ. After all,Christ decided to come as human, forsaking his immortality-now that speaks volumes,doesn’t it?? He knows how it feels to be human,the emotions,the betrayal,the need;the whole deal.

I gradually started realising He was my big brother after all as the Scriptures made known and there was no way Jesus didn’t want whats best for me.That was what i had in mind when i spoke to Jesus about a boy i was totally liking.It was a simple prayer but i was heard.The wonderful Christian gentleman i thought he was , was actually very selfish but i never saw it before.Jesus came through for me because i asked and showed me the boy’s heart.

Now Jesus is my big brother,my counselor,my healer,my protector and Lord.He is my everything.He wants that personal relationship with you too.He is that friend who is going to love you inspite of and is never going to give up on you.

In Him i draw my strength.Jesus gets you baby girl.Just pray to him to let you understand.He is more than our God.He is our friend,our firstborn.I wish i could really show you how intimate Christ can be.Speak to him about everything amd know He’s got you.


January is here and i didn’t want it to write anything typical and expected.But what would January be if not growth,new beginnings and resolutions. I came up with exactly what to share when i decided to do a little self assessment.

Sweetheart,whether you believe it or not,January is here to stay.So embrace it while it’s still young and what better way than to assess yourself.No one knows you than you,so why don’t you sit yourself down and be truthful.No one will be there to eavesdrop;all you have to do is stop claiming to be real to others and be real to yourself.Note the things you want to better or change and work on them .Be realistic about them.

Focus might not seem that big a deal but it is.Every new year, goals are set but somewhere in June,we no longer remember what is was we said the new month was going to be about because we lost focus.As you self assess yourself,give yourself reasons for those resolutions you made and write them somewhere  so you don’t forget and lose your focus.That way the path is soo clear, that your focus doesnt get clouded.

Last of all action,take some action this year.Sitting down and wishing won’t take you anywhere.If it was, you would have accomplished a lot in the previous years.If it’s deleting toxic friends,just go ahead and stop making excuses for them.Take action,delete them.If its that relationship thats killing you,take action ; Get out.Whatever Resolution you decided on actually go through with.Am not saying it’s going to be easy but remind yourself why it’s necessary each time you feel you can’t go through with it.

At the end of the year,it would all be worth it.That sense of accomplishment is the best feeling ever,trust me.

Admist it all

Everyone has the kind of person he or she aspires to be but most often its doesn’t end up that way and that my friends, is the reality of life.

All i honestly ever wanted to be was a wonderful and even perfect Christian lady who minds her business and goes about her duties that is always centered around Christ but the truth is, it’s very difficult in a world like ours.

In a sarkodie and ebony crazed society,it doesnt help that in every corner i hear one song or the other which is clearly insinuating sex.I can’t help but nod or sing;it’s very difficult to be that Christian girl i aspired to be, in a world which is looking forward to an apple unveiling event than the coming of Christ.

Recently i just realised being a Christian is a straight up thing,first and foremost God must be asked for strength to help keep you on his track because on your own trust me , you wont make it.

Friends of the same feather should flock together so i decided to surround myself with people who share the same belief and better yet who have been able to stand firm admist all the goings in this materialistic century

Finally,one must never be idle during this crucial building moment.Idleness gives the devil chances to pounce and i learnt this out the hard way.

Reading the bible of course should be like drinking water in a Christian’s journey especially a frowing one and as painful as it was i had to clean my playlist because i couldn’t have my cake and eat it too.

With these things up my sleeve i believe am ready to face the world now and stand tall and firm, admist it all


We are in the month of love and that’s common knowledge so i decided to use this moment to talk about true undiluted and unconditional love.

Genuine love or true love is what many people are sincerely looking for even in a money and lust driven world like ours; those who act like the don’t care actually do if they would be honest with themselves.

Many people say they love others passionately and could even hurt themselves for love but that’s the part i roll my eyes to because people who boast and brag about love mostly don’t love themselves. They don’t even know how to, forgetting you can never love someone if you don’t completely and fully love you.

Unpleasant situations have had some people not love themselves. People like these need to pray to God to help them out because true love can only be felt and expressed if only you have experienced the love of God because we were all thought love through Him.

One spectacular thing is, the love of God teaches you to love yourself and that alone is the most amazing feeling in the whole world. Self love teaches you that you are so worth it and you know for certain that you are God’s masterpiece.

New year,New plans

It’s a new year and most of us have goals, aims and resolutions we want to achieve by the end of 2017 but what are the odds of they really happening?

Some may have theirs coming to pass but  others won’t, mainly because all we do is write them down and do nothing else hoping someway somehow something would happen and if it doesn’t,Oh God how could you let this happen! Whiles you never even entrusted Him with it in the first place.
When the year began in 2016, i honestly had nothing and was nothing. I felt i was to have a future but i did not know where i was going to even didn’t know where to begin from till i met Christ in mid August. Oh boy, what a wonderful experience it has been; has given me what i asked for and so much more and i can say my resolutions for 2016 was a success.

It might feel that what am saying is just for writing sake but am daring you, be faithful to Christ and see if He will fail you. Pray about your resoulutions with faith and act upon it and if by the end of the year God has not done anything for you, then you can accuse God.

God is the greatest gift i have for you this new year and He is all you are ever gonna need.

Love Exists

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed”.
Psalm 34 vrs 11
I wish i knew this scripture when it all started for me but it was in the Bible just waiting to be found at the appropriate time.
From a Christian home, i was a mess during my rebellion stage that was when it all began. It got to a point where all i did was move along with the flow, taking what was thrown at me saying i was experiencing life till i felt abused by life itself and ceased to feel because i had seen it all. It turned me into a cold and empty person who no longer knew how it felt to feel any emotion let alone show it.
That was when i set out on a journey of uncertainty. I needed to have whatever it was the people i saw had, so i went searching for something whether it was happiness, joy or peace. I wasn’t so sure but i had a feeling i was going to know when i found it. I tried to explain to people what i was looking for and ask for help but no matter how hard i tried no one understood or came with help.
Thinking about it, all i really needed was love and shelter. Basically, the need to be protected by someone and that unconditional love feeling but the truth was i was lost in the world. I hit a few road blocks for example; i met this guy who knew exactly what to say to make me feel love and feel i had found whatever it was i was looking for but it was all an illusion. After i gave my body to him, thinking i was being loved, i saw the truth and i was worse than before because the loneliness, not feeling worthy were all back in tenfolds.
In my self pity state, i began to rationalize that whatever it was i thought i was looking just might not exist after all. Maybe they were all as lonely as i was; all those people who seemed to have what i didn’t. Then i began to feel that i might actually never have that kind of eternal love and care after all because it just didn’t exist; how wrong i was. It was in this state that i randomly saw the scripture on the television. Jesus became (and is) my Saviour and i had a way out.
I had been hurt so many times in different ways and i didn’t know what love was or even believe in it but Jesus loved me despite all my mishaps, flaws and sins. He forgave it all and filled that empty hole up because He is a God of His word and He didn’t judge me or accuse me, all He did was love me.
People who can relate to this post should know being in a relationship with Jesus is the real deal and am satisfied because i have found whatever it was i was looking for and much much more. It’s about making and allowing Jesus to love you, permitting him to do so but He is going to need and want you too, so don’t be thinking it’s a one way relationship because that kind never lasts and this is for eternity. He is that one person who will never leave you even if you leave Him, who is always willing to listen to you; how lovely is that relationship!!!.All you need to do is talk to him because he wants to date, court and marry not the one who will pick you up, raise your hopes up and dispose of you. So say a prayer today, He will come into your life and let Him take the wheel. I now know peace in my soul and am happy like i have never been. I didn’t know that this kind of perfection existed until i met Jesus.

“The greatest thing I’ve ever done is make a relationship with Christ”….Shadow with a voice.

Pain and Purpose

Understanding why things happen sometimes is just baffling as you go through them, we just do not understand how God could allow such to happen to you.

Maria Belon and her family consisting of her three sons and her husband went to Thailand for the Christmas holidays in a very beautiful resort. It was boxing day and as the boys played in the pool with their father, Maria was lounging beside the pool reading when what seemed to be a perfect holiday became a living nightmare. They heard rumbling and the waves seemed to be coming towards them but it seemed that the world was still, a tsunami was happening. She felt it as her body was thrown through walls, glasses,metals and she recalls thinking at that moment that all was over because to her, her family was dead and she was alone in this world. At a point, everything seems over to you and you do see it coming to an end because in your present predicament you do not see it getting better but if you keep your faith, the Lord will turn that pain into a blessing for you and other people. Maria was going through a moment we call rock bottom because she felt she had nothing more to lose but there was a silver lining when she found her eldest son and tried to save him which she did. She didn’t even feel her own pain out of the shock of how everything had happened as she protected her son. Among her family she was the one badly hurt as she reconciled with them in the hospital whether through fate,the mighty hand of God or destiny but they were all safe.

After the ordeal, she was asked how she felt about that moment and she said “The tsunami was an incredible gift. I will embrace life. My whole life is extra time. There is no difference between a spanish woman Maria who is alive and thousands of moms who are under the sea. I do not deserve to be alive, but life is not fair. I feel pain and compassion for so many others who didn’t come back up or lost the ones they love. My whole story is on my body and it is wonderful because it means  I am alive”.

She is now a motivational speaker to Tsunami survivors and helps them in ways they were not helped before. She became a blessing through her pain since she had the right attitude as she went through her pain. “And this small and temporary trouble we suffer will bring us a tremendous and eternal glory; much greater than the trouble.Amen. 2nd Corinthians 4:17”.

You are being moulded anew with what you are going through; being made fire proof to stand the fire ahead of you and most importantly, be that person to help people who are presently going through the pain you overcame. Through your pain; find purpose.

strength in many ways

I believe one of the heartbreaking things in life is when the one person you think has got you says the most hurtful words that ever existed to you and then when you look in yourself to tap into the strength you have in you ; you find nothing, nothing at all. As am writing this am at my lowest point, I have been here before but this time even my inner strength has failed me which makes me wonder if what a friend of mine has said to me one time had come to pass if I do remember clearly ,she said if I broke down one day it was going to be terrible because I felt there was no need for me to rely on someone because I had me and that was what happened.
Sometimes you keep so many things inside you that you feel it overflowing and you know all you have to do is open the lid, I get it you may have major trust issues but sometimes Is really not a bad thing to let it out especially if you are too weak to even find your strength. Certain people feel crying or showing any emotion at all is one of the weakest thing that could happen to them and I used to be one of those people maybe I still am but the best way to overcome it is to admit it and know that it’s a wrong perception. Truth be told, is really a hard thing to let go; tears are forming in my eyes as I write this, there is really nothing like no emotion. I finally admit to myself; it’s just me being too scared to show what am feeling that me being too weak and too much of a coward to show how am feeling. I was so angry the first day someone said to my face I was a coward, yeah the truth always stings but after thinking about it I knew she was right and began to envy emotional people because I figured they were strong enough to let people or the person they are communicating with know what they are feeling unlike me, people who deal with me would understand. No one is going to judge you when you cry. It’s actually going to show them how human you are ; I remember crying like a baby in senior high over a certain issue and I was the one who didn’t cry and didn’t care about anything so you can imagine the reaction I got, all my friends froze because they didn’t know what to do but a certain someone, much love to her overcame it fast .After that experience I weirdly got closer to my friends, they realized I wasn’t perfect and neither was I a robot but perfectly human. I don’t know much about crying or saying much about how I feel but I always encourage my friends to cry cause holding tears back or how you feel is not expressing yourself and that is like knowing you can do something to make your life better but you don’t.
In our society, we grew up expecting men to show no emotional weakness as a sign of strength and i feel pity for all those who are like that because I know that’s not an easy burden to carry because people count on you for their source of strength but you wonder who will you will rely on when you break down and you also know that your friends see you with the great responsibility of being the one to never break down that my friend is a huge load to carry .A strong person is not the one who doesn’t cry, a strong person is the one who cries and sheds tears for a moment, then gets up and fights again. Am not saying go about and just be crying to all those rolling their eyes but there might be a different way for expressing yourself. I feel a way lot better after writing this piece, that is my therapy to the point i can even smile again, writing does it for me; find what makes you express yourself and feel better and do it.
The irony of this post is as am writing this post am feeling suicidal and questioning myself if my only mistake was being born; my best friend scolded me for this comment and my twinnie made me feel better with a surprise she pulled off .I feel better now and no longer feel that the world is against me; I also ask God to forgive me for questioning Him. I did not even want to pray to HIM and all this got triggered because I felt I did not know what to do, felt no one understood and there was no love if you are a suicidal out there know the lack of love you feel is just an illusion and that someone out there cares; most important of all say a prayer when it gets tough and confide in someone or better yet be around people who will make you laugh and feel the love. Suicide is just the easy way out and just think of the people you will hurt with that action; Jesus too will be hurt so much with that because after dying for you on the cross for you, you pay him back by killing yourself. Be careful of what you say because you just might not know the damage you are causing in someone’s life and try as much as possible to be there for people who need it they won’t tell you they feel like killing themselves but be attentive; I recovered but not everyone would be that lucky someone might actually go through with it and commit suicide. I sign out by saying whoever you are I love you but Christ love you more.

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